Tecatech was born after a careful study of the reference market, that of defibrillator cases.

To guarantee the conservation of AED devices in absolute safety both mechanically and functionally, our cases have been equipped with a special protective screen with alarmed tear-off opening (patented system IT202016000100428) able to protect the device from fine dust, humidity and atmospheric agents, thanks to the IP54 seal.

Tecatech is also equipped with a double chamber: the first one consists of an external casing containing the electrical and control equipment that also acts as a heat exchange zone in case of temperature above 35° (forced ventilation); the second one is watertight compared to the first one, is heated and illuminated and it is here that the AED is kept together with an anti-humidity system to avoid harmful condensation. This system is patented in Italy and extended abroad (IT202016000055943).

Tecatech can also be equipped with a refrigeration system able to thermoregulate the temperature inside the compartment where the AED is stored, in order to guarantee the best storage conditions in any place of installation.

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Brevetti e Riconoscimenti

Oltre ai brevetti “tecnologici” citati che riguardano il contenitore a tenuta per la conservazione del DAE e l’apertura a strappo, abbiamo un altro brevetto che copre il design dei nostri prodotti.

Abbiamo inoltre ricevuto numerosi riconoscimenti per le nostre idee ed iniziative.