The collaboration with the STG Group has allowed us to combine and integrate our products with theirs, with a view to sustainability and respect for the environment.

Sunrail can be used as a photovoltaic parapet, or as a partition that can be integrated with the surrounding environment, to generate renewable electricity.

Interesting is the possibility to incorporate the Sunrail accessory in the innovative Pila  and Panka products. The basic idea is that Sunrail can be installed at the same time as Pila and Panka in order to create an area equipped with all the comforts as well as feeding the products with clean energy, all following a green logic.

It is the ideal solution for local public administrations, which can install this structure inside their parks, along avenues, in green areas, in areas along rivers, lakes, hanging gardens, in any place where they want to provide useful services to the citizen.

In this way, public places can be furnished with an innovative structure that not only enriches the environment in which it is installed, but also responds to growing needs in terms of security, digitization and sustainability.

The system integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment, thanks to the possibility of embellishing Sunrail with plants and flowers or integrating bicycle racks.