Panka Tesla was born from the need to create a digital oasis to be installed in cities, parks or squares.

Realized as an optional of Pila, from which it is powered, Panka is a smart and interactive bench.

It is a very special seat, equipped with USB sockets and induction stations for charging devices. Not only that, Panka consists of a special illuminated methacrylate shelf that activates light games when it detects the presence of the citizen or user.

The access to the recharge is also designed for wheelchairs for disabled people. The purpose is to make Panka a point of intergration and social gathering.

Main Features

Dimension              Length 1900 mm                                                                                                              Width 700 mm                                                                                                                  Height 720 mm

Weight                      ~150 Kg

Structure                  Powder-coated steel, wood and metacrylate

Standard Features

USB Ports                  4 USB ports with Qualcomm Quick Charge                                                             3.0 technology

Wireless Charging    2 fast charge inductor for wireless charging

AED Case                   No

Voltage                     12V cc

Input Power            80 W

Lighting                   integrated LED light in metacrylate shelf

Installation              Floor anchoring

Smart Island Project

We offer a complete service to realise smart city project, like our “Digital Island” composed of 1 Pila and 2 Panka Tesla.

This concept is a perfect solution for pubblic squares and parks. The digital island becomes an important instrument for social and local integration. Recharge your smartphone or your e-bike, while you relax on Panka.