PILA 3.01 is a portable desktop charger and is designed for special events, trade fairs or meeting rooms.

Pila 3.01 consists of a monobloc in sturdy metal frame and inside it there is a special cyclic battery that delivers 18/20 recharge cycles to 4 devices at the same time.

The model is equipped with a backlighting system that gives greater visibility to the charging areas and has the classic battery shape that distinguishes us. It also has a special retractable handle that makes the model easily transportable.

Like all our products, also Pila 3.01 is customizable both in colors and graphics.

Main Features
Dimension Diameter 150 mm – Height 400 mm
Weight ~7 Kg
Structure Powder-coated steel

Standard Features
USB Ports 4 USB ports, 1 with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology
Wireless Charging No
AED Case No
Voltage 220V ca
Input Power 30 W
Lighting LED backlight
Installation Tabletop model


Other different RAL colours