PILA 2.04 Plus is the result of the merger of model 1.03 and 2.04.

The design of Pila has a characteristic column shape and is ideal for floor or stand-alone installation with the addition of an anti-rollover rigid base.

It is particularly suitable for shopping centers, airports, ports.

The graphic layout and colors are customizable by the customer according to his needs and this makes PILA a communication and high visibility tool.

Main Features
Dimension Diameter 300 mm – Height 1770 mm
Weight ~35 Kg
Structure Powder-coated steel

Standard Features
USB Ports 8 USB ports, 2 with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology
Wireless Charging No
AED Case No
Voltage 220V ca
Input Power 30 – 140W
Lighting Front and Lateral LED light
Installation Floor anchoring


Charging Station for E-bike

Wifi network – by using existing networks or a integrated LTE router

IoT systems – to measure enviromental and statistical data (PM10, PM2.5, …)

Security camera

Anti roll-over base – for stand alone installation


Other different RAL colours

The partnership with leading manufacturer has enabled the company to equip its charging points with important optionals

Charging Station for E-Bike

Pila can be equipped with a double power supply with Bosch e-bike plug. It can power up to two e-bikes at the same time.

Hotspot - Wifi

Pila could be connected to a WiFi network and it becomes a repeater. If this is not possible, Pila can integrate a LTE router and create a new network.

Security Camera

Pila can be equipped with a security camera. So you can monitor the area and it acts as a deterrent to vandalism.