The PILA 1.03 model has been designed for indoor solutions and for stand-alone installation in large spaces.

The “PILA” shape, with one positive and one negative pole characterized by two different colors, intuitively recalls the concept of recharging.

The customizable graphic layout and color make PILA a high visibility communication tool. Ideal for installations in shopping centers, airports, stations, amusement parks, public offices etc…

Main Features
Dimension Diameter 800 mm – Height 2200 mm
Weight ~60 Kg
Structure Powder-coated steel

Standard Features
USB Ports 12 USB ports, 2 with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology
Wireless Charging Yes, 1 wireless charger
AED Case No
Voltage 220V ca
Input Power 60 – 180W
Lighting Front and Lateral LED light
Installation Floor support with self-levelling feet


Charging Station for E-bike

Wifi network – by using existing networks or a integrated LTE router

IoT systems – to measure enviromental and statistical data (PM10, PM2.5, …)

Security camera


Other different RAL colours

The partnership with leading manufacturer has enabled the company to equip its charging points with important optionals

Charging Station for E-Bike

Pila can be equipped with a double power supply with Bosch e-bike plug. It can power up to two e-bikes at the same time.

Hotspot - Wifi

Pila could be connected to a WiFi network and it becomes a repeater. If this is not possible, Pila can integrate a LTE router and create a new network.

Security Camera

Pila can be equipped with a security camera. So you can monitor the area and it acts as a deterrent to vandalism.