Pradella Sistemi has designed PILA, a charging station for electronic devices and not only.

In fact, some models of PILA, in addition to acting as rechargeers, have inside our special AED defibrillator case, this to provide a greater element of safety in public places where it is installed.

Not only that, PILA also acts as a charging column for e-bikes. Designed to make it extremely easy and fast to restore the battery charge of your electric bikes.

This e-bike charging station is the perfect solution for all those who face long journeys and frequent trips with their bikes. The charging stations are mainly used in public and tourist spaces.

PILA, present in different versions, is customizable in terms of layout and color. The column fits perfectly into any context, without upsetting the harmony of the surrounding environment.

Discover all models of PILA…

Pila 2.05 Plus

Pila 2.05 Plus DAE

Pila 2.04

Pila 2.04 DAE

Pila 2.04 Plus

Pila 2.04 Plus DAE

Pila 1.03

Pila 3.01

Pila 5.01

Pila 4.01 Air

Pila Health